Athletic Facility Use Policy


Please review the policies included herein with all members of your respective organization prior to the beginning of your season. If you have any questions, please contact the City of Zephyrhills Parks Department for assistance, information, and/or clarifications.

The cooperation of your organization, in conjunction with the efforts of our Parks and Recreation Department staff, should help assure your members of a safe and positive experience throughout the year.

1. Prior to the beginning of your season a Facility Use Agreement must be signed by all parties. The Parks Department must                     receive a Facility Use Reservation Form, complete schedule of all activities, which shall include practice schedules, field                       requirements, game schedules, clinics, and camps a minimum of twenty-one (21) days prior to utilization. Approval is executed and       authorized only after receipt of the Facility Use Reservation Form signed by the Parks Manager or designee. Any changes in the           Facility Use Reservation Form must be approved in the same manner as the original submittal.

2. A Facility Use Reservation Form will not be approved without insurance in accordance with the Facility Use Agreement, item # 5.

3. A Facility Use Reservation Form will not be approved without notarized forms noting that criminal and sexual predator background       checks have been performed on all volunteers and paid staff assisting with the organization's activities. Background checks shall be     performed by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office or equivalent.

4. Post-season tournaments, training, workshops, special events, etc., require an additional Facility Use Reservation Form twenty-one     (21) days prior to utilization and may require a special event permit.

5. The final decision on the condition and safety of playing surfaces will be determined by Parks and Recreation Department staff             when available. Any person, league or entity that abrogates this decision assumes any and all risk; the City will accept no                     liability whatsoever.

6. All renovation/construction projects initiated by the league must be reviewed and approved by the City of Zephyrhills Parks and             Recreation Department Administration prior to start. Parks and Recreation Department recommendations, if any, pertaining to               renovation/construction projects, will be made in writing and must be followed. Permits must be obtained as required by                         recommendations and permits must be posted on site before work begins. Leagues are responsible for acquiring construction               permits. Modifications made without written permission, especially those posing safety concerns, will be removed upon written               notice.

 7. It is the responsibility of each league constructing facilities (includes sports lighting and scoreboards) upon City property to maintain      the said facilities. If facilities become unsafe or unmanageable due to lack of funds or labor, the said facilities will be removed as            needed.

8. Leagues utilizing City facilities are responsible for providing and maintaining equipment required for operating and administering           their programs. If this is not occurring, the league will be advised in writing.

9. Please ensure that coaches and/or league officials inspect for vandalism and safety concerns after each use. To report vandalism or      safety concerns during normal working hours (M-F 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.) please call the Parks Department Administrative Office at      813-780-0022 or e-mail: for after hours reporting or emergencies, please contact the Zephyrhills Police          Department at 813-780-0050.

10. No stationary team practice or drills are permitted on soccer/football game fields. This will damage turf areas and create unsafe             conditions. The City is not responsible for repairs due to abuse of this policy.

11. Alterations (trenches, ditches to remove water, materials added, etc.) to fields are not to be made by leagues without the Parks             Department’s authorization.

12. The City reserves the right to close fields for maintenance upon written notice to the appropriate league. This effort will be                      coordinated with your league leadership.

13. No smoking on playing fields, on or around bleachers, in dugouts, around team benches, team bench areas, or in any public                  buildings.

14. All keys issued to leagues for buildings, facilities, and lights are to be monitored closely by organization officials. Please collect             keys from coaches and officials leaving the organization. Upon completion of the playing season, all keys shall be returned to the         Parks Department. Under no circumstance shall an authorized key holder share his / her key or operate any lighting system                   without approval from the Parks Department. New or replacement keys and rekeying facilities will be at the league’s expense.

15. Animals are not allowed on or around athletic fields.

16. Leagues will provide the Parks Department with keys / access to storage buildings and concession stands for sports lighting                  maintenance issues or emergencies. If locks are rekeyed the league representative will provide the Parks Department with an              updated key.

17. Leagues are responsible for picking up litter around benches, bleachers, dugouts, playing areas, parking areas and concession             following use. Trash receptacles must be emptied after each use into a dumpster provided by the city. Please encourage your               teams and spectators to keep their facilities clean.

18. Parking and operating motor vehicles is only allowed in designated areas. Any vehicles violating this will be subject to possible             fines and towing. This is to help ensure the safety of park patrons.

19. The City of Zephyrhills will not be responsible for the loss, theft of, or vandalism to, any items or personal property contained in any        city-owned facility or property.

20. Leagues can not charge an admission/gate fee to any event, tournament, etc. Leagues may ask for donations; however, if anyone        wishes not to contribute, access cannot be denied. Only the City of Zephyrhills City Council can approve fees of this nature.

21. Advertising signs/banners must have a professional appearance and must face into the playing field areas. Upon completion of           playing season, all temporary signs / banners shall be removed.

22. Balls are not to be kicked, thrown, or hit into fences or buildings. Use designated practice areas only. Leagues are responsible for         providing and scheduling practice areas.

23. No equipment, other than authorized concession service or City equipment is allowed on turf areas without written approval from           the Parks Department. (i.e. ATVs, cars, utility vehicles, trucks, trailers).

24. Leagues shall provide all labor and materials for striping fields and dragging infields. The Parks Department will be responsible for         mowing, irrigation maintenance, etc.

25. Any discarded equipment, machinery, or any other debris shall be disposed of properly.

26. Failure to comply with this Facility Use Policy may result in forfeiting the use of any or all city-owned facilities.

I have read and fully understand this Facility Use Policy and will be a responsible representative of the league or sanctioning body that I represent.

Name of league / organization: ____________________________________________________ 

Primary Representative: ____________________________        Date: ____________________ 

Parks Manager or designee: _________________________        Date: _____________________  

Revised 2/13/09