Matching Facade Rehabilitation Grant Application


Matching Facade Rehabilitation Application


 Applicant Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________

 Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________


Business Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ________________________      Email: ______________________________________________________________

Property Owner: _______________________________________________________________________________________ 

Property Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Total Cost of Project: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Estimated Start Date: ___________________________     Estimated Completion Date: _____________________________

Please attach the following:

Addendum A - Project Rendering

Addendum B - Professional Estimate(s) from an architect or licensed contractor

_____  Sign      _____   New        _____   Replacement          _____  Altered

Application will not be reviewed without all supporting data.

I hereby submit the attached plans, specifications and/or color samples for the proposed project and understand that the Zephyrhills CRA Board must approve. No work shall begin until I have received written approval from the ZCRA. No funding is guaranteed until completed application is approved by the ZCRA Board. I agree to place a ZCRA Grant sign for the duration of the project and agree to return the sign. Grant monies will not be paid until the project is completed as designed and a paid invoice (s) is provided. The project must be completed within 1 year of grant approval. I agree to leave the completed project in its approved design and colors for a period of 5 years from the date of completion. I understand a W-9 must be provided to the City of Zephyrhills before reimbursement funds are paid

                                                                                             Print Name

______________________      ______________________________________________________________________________
Date                                           Signature of Applicant



 Checklist for Application Completeness:

_____ Business is located within the CRA District.

_____ Copy of Business Tax Receipt, BTR, Business License.

_____  If applicant is tenant, copy of notarized letter of approval from owner of property.

_____  Verified Property Taxes, both city and county, are current.

_____  Building meets all current building and life safety codes or has approved plans submitted to the City’s Building                                         Department. Verified by Building Department.

_____  Business is a permitted use as outlined in the City of Zephyrhills Land Development Code and meets the intent of the                             zoning code

_____  Detailed written description of proposed improvements.

_____  Detailed written description of proposed business including hours of operation.

_____  Drawing which depicts the size, dimensions, and locations of improvements or modifications.

_____  Construction and cost estimate from licensed contractor for project as detailed.

_____  Copy of contract with a licensed contractor registered with the Pasco County Licensing Board and the City of Zephyrhills.

_____  Samples:
             A color fabric or material sample for awning
             Paint sample noting body and trim colors
             Detailed specifications and rendering of windows and/or doors, if applicable.

_____  Current pictures of building, showing front and sides of building.

CRA Representative: __________________________________ Date: _______________