Waste Water Division

The City Of Zephyrhills Wastewater treatment facility is responsible for treating 1.7 million gallons of waste a day. The wastewater treatment facility is permitted to operate under guide lines set forth by Florida Department of Environmental Protection. 

Aeration Plan

The wastewater treatment plant is an extended aeration plant. There are 1 head works, 3 extended aeration tanks, 2 clarifiers, 2 sludge holding tanks, 1 sand filter, 1 reclaim tank and 1 digester in operation. All waste generated by the plant is pressed using a belt filter press and is hauled away.  There are 67 lift stations in the city that distribute to the wastewater plant and approximately 300 miles of sewer lines taken care of by the sewer crew.  

Reclaim Water

Currently the production of reclaim water is distributed to 12 residents, 1 county park, 1 city park, 2 schools and one golf course. All excess reclaim goes to 1 of 4 ponds located on 35 acres at the city airport. 

Operations Information

Wastewater treatment plant currently operates 16 hours a day 7 days a week and has 11 employees.