The City of Zephyrhills is proud to present our new Online Bill Pay where you can pay your utilities bill online!

Features offered on our Online Bill Pay website:

  • View your current & previous bills
  • Make a payment by Credit Card
  • View your meter usage history
  • Manage account information & billing information
  • View account activity
  • Sign up for E-billing

If service has been Cut-Off due to Non-Payment, you MUST come into the office to have service reinstated!


To register, click below:

New Registration - Information that will be needed

First & Last name or Business Name - Names must reflect the exact name on the bill(s). For Business accounts, please do not include a first name, just type the business name in the Last Name field.

Your Account number - All account numbers are 6 digits in length followed by a dash and 3 more digits. For example: 99999-001 on your bill would be typed in as 099999-001.

An active email address - To be registered, an active email address will be needed at all times. After you create your account, an email will be sent to you so that you may verify your email. Just click the link that is provided, in the e-mail, to verify your email address.

Create a password - Needs to be 6-12 characters in length.


Sign up for E-billing:

On our Bill Payment website, you will be able to sign up for e-billing statements where you will receive your monthly statements by e-mail.

Please note however, if you receive your bill by e-mail a paper statement will not be sent out.


Tips for those who do not receive an E-Mail for online transactions:

One thing you can do is make sure is on your safe list and try again. This can usually be done by adding the e-mail address to your contact list. Every e-mail system is different but here are the major ones:


1.) Click Options

2.) Click Safe List

3.) Add the domain address to your Safe List

4.) Click Ok



If you find your emails show up in your spam folder instead of your inbox, you can add us as a contact to let Yahoo know that we are a trusted email sender.

How to add us to your Address Book:

1.) On Yahoo Email, there will be a blue link that says Add near the from and to address lines. Click add to add us as a contact.

2.) Click Save to continue and we will be added.

Note: Yahoo may automatically hide the images in our emails until you add us as a contact.



1.) Go to Keyword Mail Controls

2.) Click Customize Mail Controls for This Screen Name

a. For AOL version 7.0: In the section for exclusion and inclusion parameters, include this domain:

b. For AOL version 8.0: Select allow email from all AOL members, email addresses & domains. Click Next until the Save buttons shows up at the bottom. Click save.



1.) Right click (control-click) on the message in your inbox.

2.) Select the option Add to Address Book



1.) Select/Highlight message

2.) Under the Special menu, choose Make Address Book Entry



1.) Click on the Options button with the email on the web

2.) From there, click on the Safe Lists Link

3.) Safe List Screen will appear and display your current Safe List



1.) On the Email screen, click on the spamBlocker plus sign so all its folders are shown

2.) Click on the Suspect Email folder

3.) Check the box next to the sender you wish to receive email from

4.) Click on the button to Add to Address Book & Forward to Inbox

5.) Subsequent messages will now to go your inbox



1.) Open the Email

2.) Go to the email windows file menu and select Add to Address Book

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