A Regular Community Redevelopment Meeting was held on February 27, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. in the Robert H. Johnson Council Chambers of the Municipal Building.  Commissioner Lance Smith called the meeting to order.  Roll call was taken.  Present were members Charlie Proctor, Kenneth Compton, Alan Knight, and Mayor Gene Whitfield. Ken Burgess arrived at 5:03 p.m. City Manager Dr. Spina and City Attorney Matthew Maggard were also present.

            Staff present:  CRA Director Gail Hamilton, Director of Planning Todd Vande Berg, Assistant Planner Rodney Corriveau, Grant Specialist Audrey McGuire, Public Works Director Shane LeBlanc, Utilities Director John Bostic, Building Official Bill Burgess, City Clerk Lori Hillman and Assistant City Clerk Jessica Carter.

            Charlie Proctor moved to approve the minutes of the January 23, 2017 Regular Meeting.  Seconded by Alan Knight.  Motion passed unanimously.


1.   Presentation of the CRA District annual sidewalk plan 

            CRA Director Gail Hamilton presented CRA Board with the CRA District Annual Sidewalk Plan.  CRA and Planning staff have reviewed existing sidewalks within the CRA District and propose a plan to install sidewalks connecting the middle school to the adjacent residential neighborhood.  Due to budget constraints staff proposes an annual plan to install sidewalks until each neighborhood, each school, and each business is connected within the District.  The first plan is 25 blocks, both sides of the street, at an estimate of $180,000.  City Manager Steve Spina added that this plan is not budgeted and will be added to the Capital Improvement Plan and spaced out over time.  Ms. Hamilton will look into grant funding through Pasco County.
            Alan Knight moved to make sidewalks a priority.  Seconded by Kenneth Compton.  Motion passed unanimously.

2.   CRA Advisory Committee By-Laws

            Ms. Hamilton presented CRA Board with the CRA Advisory Committee By-Laws that will provide operational policy and procedures for the Committee to perform duties.  The Advisory Committee membership will consist of five members that will come from the city, county, and region with experience in real estate, finance, property development and redevelopment, business and property owners, including residents within the District, in order to provide the best possible advice to the CRA Board and staff.  Ms. Hamilton is looking for recommendations from Council on number of members and requirements to serve.  Council will have final decision on all members. 
            The Board would prefer to have seven members instead of five and have the majority of the committee be from the Zephyrhills area.

3.   CRA Director Report

     Old Neukom Building
            Ms. Hamilton presented CRA Board with a rendering of the old Neukom building on 301.  Owner of the property, Mr. Guzman, will be first business on Gall Blvd. to redevelop under the City’s Form Based Code requirements.  The building has been painted and will have a stone façade on the corners, and new storefront will be constructed, along with new signage. Mr. Guzman has been so pleased with process he has purchased another building within the district.

      New Businesses
            Ms. Hamilton informed CRA Board of several new businesses that have opened up or are in process of opening within the CRA District. The Herbal Kitchen, Marciano’s Grill, three
 Barbershop’s, Dog Groomer & Boarding, Mobile Home Depot, Eco Friendly Dry Cleaner, and Burger King is remodeling.

      Neighborhood Clean-Up
            Ms. Hamilton reported the community clean up held this past Saturday was a huge success.  Several City Departments participated; it was a great team building experience.  Public Works Director Shane LeBlanc provided report on clean-up: Disposal Cost $662 for the following:
            - 60 cubic yards of mixed waste
            - 2 - 30 yard roll off containers
            - 15 TVs
            - 12 tires

       Jeffries House
            Ms. Hamilton updated Council on the progress of the Jeffries House.  The interior is completed, floors are polished, and walls are painted.  Kinley-Horn has donated the landscape plans, just waiting on the final draft. Once landscaping is complete the CRA and Main Street Zephyrhills will relocate to building.  City Planning staff will relocate to Jeffries during construction of new city hall.


Meeting Adjourned 5:49 p.m.

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