BOARD OF ADJUSTMENTS - The puropse of the Board of Adjustments is to consider applications for special exceptions such as variance of setbacks, etc. The board meets only if an application is received See application for details.

CONSTRUCTION CODE ENFORCEMENT AND LICENSING BOARD - The purpose of the Construction Code Enforcement Licensing Board is for hearing and deciding alleged violations of the Land Development Code. The Board shal not, however, ahve the authority to devieate or grant variance or waivers  from the requirements of the Land Development Code.

PLANNING COMMISSION - The Planning Commission is hereby established for the purpose of advising City Council on issues related to planning and development.  The Planning Commission shall serve as both the Local Planning Agency and the Land Development Regulation Commission. 

LIBRARY BOARD - The Library Advisory Board was established to advise City Council and the City Manager on Library facility improvement projects, grant projects and Library programs pertaining to youth, adults and senior citizens.


HISTORIC PRESERVATION BOARD - The Historic Preservation Board is hereby established for the purpose of reviewing applications for Certificate(s) of Appropriateness and Façade Grants to further protect the historical Single Family Residences within the City’s designated Historical District.


Application for Board Membership

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