Commercial Check Procedures



The opening of a new business within the City limits of Zephyrhills requires the following:
        Note: Go to Building Department to obtain forms.

1. Meet and receive approval by Planning and Development Department. (Must have in writing that location is approved by                       planning department)

2. Completion & Submittal of commercial check application form.

3. Fee payment of $75.00 to be paid upon submittal of commercial check form.

4. If ownership transfer or address change fee is $3.00 for Business tax receipt.

5. Scheduling of on-site inspection by Building for code compliance. Set-up time is usually within 1 week.

6. Someone must be present at time of inspection.

7. Upon completion of inspection, applicant  will be given report copy of the following:

        A. Code compliance approval and approval for Business tax receipt to be issued


        B. Items to be corrected.

If item (A) applies- applicant then comes to the City Building Department in City Hall at 5335 8th Street to submit completed application for Business Tax Receipt and its processing.

1. Present proof of a Pasco County Business Tax Receipt. (Call 352-521-4360 for information on County license.)

2. Fictitious name.

3. Profession is state regulated and then proof of same is required before City Business tax receipt can be issued.

If item (B) applies- corrections need to be made and then contact the City Building Department (813) 780-0020 for inspection on commercial check. Upon approval of same, then item (A) requirements will apply.

NOTE:  Final approval must be given by the following departments Building and Planning before the City Business Tax Receipt can be issued.

License fees vary per classification of business. Check with Building Department clerk for applicable fee quote.

Upon completion of above referenced requirements applicant needs to check with the City of Zephyrhills Utilities Department (In East end of City Hall) regarding water deposit, trash pick- up.