Accessory Buildings


1a: Any ready-made, manufactured, prefab or custom-built on-site must have plans, tie-down instructions, signed and sealed by a Florida registered engineer certifying compliance with Florida Board Code Section 1606 concerning 140 miles per hour (mph) wind load.


      If to be constructed by the homeowner, plans must be certified the same as above. A survey is required unless property corners are found and staked.

1b: Accessory buildings shall be engineered for 140 mph wind load.

 2. Homeowner is responsible for set-backs and tie-down requirements.

 3. Plot plan needed showing existing and proposed buildings with all measurements indicated.

     a. Required Set-backs: Ten (5) feet from side and rear property lines. 

     b. Note: Sheds shall be no larger than 15% of the square footage of the principal structure, or 300 square feet whichever is smaller shall be permitted at a single lot. Only two (2) portable sheds per lot allowed. Portable structure which can be carried does not require permit but must be placed in rear yard 5 foot from side and rear yard set backs.  Concrete pad allowed, but if structured with a footer, setback of five (5) foot is required.

     c. Tie Downs: All outbuildings or sheds shall be secured to the slab or to the ground. If ground screw type anchors are used they shall be a minimum of 48” in length and one for each corner for small units (10’x10’) or less. Larger units shall use 48” anchors each 10 feet. Tie down metal bands will be placed over the top of building from anchor to anchor. If concrete anchors are used, then one each 24” around bottom plate unless superseded by sealed engineered plans

 4.  Permit fee is based on purchase value, contract price, or $10.00 per square foot with minimum $45.00 permit fee. If electrical or plumbing is to be installed there is an additional fee of $45.00 each.

 5.  Accessory structures shall not be rented or inhabited.

 6.  Permit application required for submittal and review time for permitting is a minimum up to 30 working days after submittal date.

 7.  All accessory uses to a principal use shall be located in a zoning district that permits the principal use.