Mayor's Youth Council

The Mayor's Youth Council represent the local youth in Zephyrhills. They work with City leaders, staff and elected officials on projects pertaining to local government affecting our youth to better benefit them and have a positive impact on our community. 

Duties and Responsibilities

The Mayor's Youth Council has the duty and responsibility to:

  • Evaluate and review problems facing youth in Zephyrhills;
  • Facilitate neighborhood meetings with youth to discuss problems, needs and suggested improvements to the community;
  • Meet regularly with the Mayor, City Manager, and City Council members to share ideas and discuss issues, concerns, and recommended improvements;
  • Attend City Council meetings and participate in visioning and goal-setting sessions;
  • Present recommended improvements to the City Council and City Manager of public projects and programs;
  • Assist in planning youth recreational activities; and
  • Evaluate and advise City Council, the Mayor, and City Manager of issues forwarded to the City Youth Council for advice. 

By Laws

The Zephyrhills Mayor's Youth Council was established by Ordinance 1218-13.

Become a Member

Applications for membership are available through Mayor Monson or online by completing the Mayor's Youth Council Application. Hard-copy applications are also available, which can be completed and returned to Zephyrhills City Hall, 5335 8th Street, Zephyrhills, FL, 33542.


The Mayor's Youth Council is required to meet at least once a quarter. Meetings are TBD.

2023-24 Mayor Youth Council Flyer (1)