What's Happening in Zephyrhills

  1. CRA Master Plan
    CRA Master Plan
    This Plan was developed through a proactive public involvement process, on-site field inspection and investigations, and review of adopted City Plans and initiatives. The Plan consists of a vision statement, a mission statement, strategic initiatives, goals and tasks, and performance indicators (develop, implement, and evaluate). The Plan embraces Zephyrhills’ rich history (“Yesterday”) and key branding components (spring water) (“Today”), tying those with tools for successful redevelopment.

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  1. Zephyrhills Community Redevelopment Agency Logo

    CRA Annual Reports
    Community Redevelopment Agencies must file the following annual reports, as dependent special districts and as government agencies.

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  1. Crime Stoppers

    See Something, Say Something
    The "If you see something, say something" campaign encourages the general public to report suspicious activity to local authorities. We all have something worth protecting - our family, our friends, our community. This PSA seeks to empower everyday citizens to protect their neighbors and the communities they call home by recognizing and reporting suspicious activity. We all play a role in keeping each other safe.